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The Heartcode Blog Is Back

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Green heartcode monster and Octopress-puss

It’s been almost a year ago since I’ve started the Heartcode Blog. I’ve wanted it to be my personal journal for writing about my journey from being a Flash Developer switching towards Front-End development, whilst trying new and exciting methods and technologies. I have to admit that beside the daily work and personal projects I’ve been working on it’s been quite difficult to write quality stuff and I didn’t want to post things just for the sake of posting.

One morning - pretty much at the same time when my CanvasLoader Creator page went live, our server gave up on traffic and the blog quietly died. Ever since I didn’t feel like blogging until now.

Instead of writing posts I have read a few very interesting books and articles, I worked on a couple of exciting projects at Waste Creative, and I also kept working on my personal projects including the Heartcode CanvasLoader, Claire’s new portfolio site, my portfolio site, and a JavaScript tutorial for .Net Magazine (issue #224). Long story short I did loads of things, but blogging wasn’t one of them.

This year I am looking forward to more exciting times than ever. After being a Flash developer for more than 9 years I decided to give it up as a full time occupation and I soon will start working as a full time Front-End Developer at a very cool company called Unboxed Consulting, who are using Agile and TDD to deliver robust web applications. It is going to be a big challenge to catch up with the guys in all these things I’ve never done before, but it’s really looking forward to it :)

After riding on the back of the ActionScript wild horse for ages, I will do completely different stuff such as Ruby, HTML, JS and CSS and loads of other things, which I am truly excited about. And this is my main initiative why I want to (re)start blogging. I want to share my thoughts about Front-End Development, and about my way towards being a better developer.

To give things a fresh start, I started using Octopress to replace the good old Wordpress engine. It looks like a really friendly and awesome tool to use, it is also very well documented. Without having much experience with Ruby I’ve found it pretty straightforward to set up, and so far it does the job perfectly.

I just realised that I already have started doing some Ruby coding with Octopress. Wicked :)